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Who We Are

We are a team of brilliant people, experts in various fields of the tech industry. We are developers, engineers, programmers, online marketers, designers and sales experts who are at the top of their game.

We are also culturally diverse world travelers, gamers, foodies, cinephiles, pop culture junkies who are creative, innovative, driven and inspiring. Some of us are creative, some of us are technical, some of us are better with numbers and others among us better with color. Left brained or right brained, we are all REALLY good at what we do.

What We Do

From SEM to hosting and security, to ad platforms, data analysis and content delivery, MindGeek manages all aspects of creating, maintaining, developing and marketing websites, programs and software.

We also offer cloud services and a customer care department that operates in multiple regions and languages.

MG Perks

Flex Time

Your day. Your call. Our work hours are flexible, which means your work life is in your hands.

Health Coverage

Health and happiness go hand in hand, so we make sure you are covered with proper health, dental and vision plans. And we didn’t forget about mental health either. MindGeeks are taken care of.

Connect With Your Colleagues

Our company is built on team spirit. To encourage and strengthen the bond between colleagues, we organize parties and get-togethers throughout the year.
Our parties? They are epic.

Learning & Development

We are BIG into growth and development. Our team is BRILLIANT and we get stronger as each member develops his or her skills. If you are professionally inspired, you can count on us to support you either via financial support or via learning tools and platforms.

MG Values

Walk The Walk

We encourage all MindGeeks to be role models in their respective roles. We value passion and drive as much as honesty, respect and integrity.

Team Player

To be successful at MindGeek, you must collaborate. This is our collective sandbox and the only way for us to succeed is by striving for excellence, through our commitment to each other and our ability to remain reliable despite the circumstances we face.


No matter who you are or what your role is, you must know that MindGeeks are looked at as trusted leaders in their individual fields of expertise. We are not only expected to deliver on objectives but to set new standards and benchmarks where we see fit.

Drive Team Effectiveness

At MindGeek, coaching and being coached are essential. No matter how junior or senior we are, we always have something to teach and to learn. It is expected to engage with and listen actively to team members in order to not only deliver on projects but to grow together and individually.

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The MindGeek culture is one of diversity and inclusion. We value respect, fairness and drive. We are performance driven and pride ourselves on building talented teams. The challenges are many and the successes are plentiful.

If you feel you would fit in with our corporate culture and have found a career opportunity with us that you are excited about, apply today! We look forward to welcoming you to the MindGeek family.