Given the high volume of traffic and market penetration of MindGeek properties, it is in our best interest to protect our assets and our customers.

MindGeek has adopted a proactive approach to security, implementing rigorous procedures, standards, and policies beginning with a dedicated security team composed of seasoned hackers and analysts working around the clock to monitor and protect our properties as well as customer information.

We go the extra mile to ensure the protection of customer information by following rigorous industry and government standards. This multi-layer approach is invisible to our customers and has no impact on the speed or user experience of a MindGeek site. We take great pride in being a market leader with respect to security implementation and development.

We execute recurrent security assessments, attack simulations and penetration testing.

We test all MindGeek systems to identify potential security risks before they can be exploited. We also employ numerous means to monitor both our properties, as well as the information they contain.


Payments & Risk

MindGeek relies on a team of skilled Fraud, Risk and Payment Experts to ensure digital purchases are conducted conveniently in a secure environment.

Drawing on a diverse variety of skill sets, our fraud analysts are tasked with ensuring that it mitigates risk by being able to detect, report, and prevent fraudulent transactions, both reactively and proactively. To this end, the Fraud Analysts are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge available, allowing them to always remain at the forefront of a very dynamic ecosystem.

The MindGeek Payments Team has taken the steps necessary to create a trusted environment in which customers can buy conveniently in their local currency, as well as provide an array of payment methods they can use with confidence. In turn, MindGeek has also established trusted relationships with payment processors and banking institutions globally, due in part to our continual risk monitoring of all online transactions for potential fraudulent activity, as well as adherence to regulatory and compliance rules including PCI DSS.

Cloud Services Suite

Designed for large, highly trafficked and high-performance applications, but is flexible enough to service applications of all sizes

The Cloud Services Suite consists of: Processing Cluster as a Service, which allows for effective processing of huge volumes of data in near real time; Database as a Service, which simplifies operating, maintaining and scaling databases in the cloud; Caching as a Service which offers reliable and scalable in-memory cache pools; Queuing as a Service which provides reliable and highly scalable queues for storing messages; and Storage as a Service which provides highly scalable, reliable and secure storage for any amount or type of data.

Data Analysis

Every action taken by a user on a web property generates dozens of data points.

When carefully analyzed, these data points reveal important information about products and the way they are used by clients. Whether it is to track the popularity of a Web page, to calculate an ad location’s effectiveness, or to detect errors, it is critical to collect this data and present it in a way that can be readily interpreted in order to drive better business decisions.

Gathering, storing, processing and analyzing billions of data points a day is a colossal challenge that MindGeek Engineering embraces. It takes a careful combination of internally developed solutions, open source technologies and enterprise software to handle this vast amount of information and its exponential year over year growth. MindGeek data scientists have developed sophisticated machine learning algorithms to mine the data and extract the meaning from the noise.